Alright, I have to log out now so I can focus on studying my german vocabulary!!

I’ll get to replies as soon as possible; i’m not sure if I’ll have internet this weekend because I’ll be on tour with my choir and we’re staying with host families so yeah.

Thanks guys! holy tits you’re all awesome.


Nice to meet you too, kid.


Down’t cawll me a kid!!! I’m PINOKO!!!


Doesn’t matter what I believe or don’t believe, because I’m not the boss of you, am I? You’re right, you get to do what you want. /shrugs with a nonchalant grin/

My name’s Dean. I just got here. What’s your name?


/He had a point.\

My name’sch Pinoko, Mischtuwr Dean. It’sch niche to meet you.


Hey, I’m a man of m’word —nothin’ will happen while I’m aboard. If I fail then I’ll get y’ strawberry sundaes.


Chan I get wun anyway?


Of course you are. Sorry, ma’am, I’ll leave you to your business, then.


I’m owd enuff to schee a schmug “I down’t bewieve whawt I’m heawing” schmile when I schee one!

Who awre you, anyway?


acchonburikee started following you

Uh, hey there, little girl. /awkward/ Should you be wandering around the ship by yourself?

I’m nowt widdle!

I’m a big guwrl and I can wawndur where-evuwr I pweasche!! HMPH!


Yes, ma’am! /chuckles/ I’ll kick their butts back t’the Underworld if they show up.

That’sch wight you wiwll!

/Pinoko grins, satisfied with the response she’s gotten.\

I expecht thisch pwache to be schafe and schownd, and if nowt, you owe me a pawrfait!


Not here, it seems. Nothin’ to worry.

Weawwy? That’sch good!

You bettuwr nowt be wazy if any schow up!

Got it?

That looks like some pretty intense starin’ t’me.

I chan’t hewp it! You’wre weawring a weiwrd schuit of awrmor!!

Hi kid. You keep starin’ like that and your face’ll stay that way.


Wiwll nowt! I’m nowt schtawrin’ anyway!